Enterprise Resource Planning

Infinity ERP is a full grown tree as intelligent software that integrates every branch of your business. Infinity ERP delivers all the gears to organization for achieving growth & profits by continuous self learning, optimizing, forecasting, planning & monitoring all kinds of data generated through your business operations.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Infinity ERP serves quick data & info to many stakeholders like you, investors, owners, directors, administrators, managers, supervisors, operators & users for accurate decision-making in their on-demand or regular functions.

Why Choose Us?


World's Fast Implementation guarantee


ERP with Artificial Intelligence and Big Data

Core Business

Application supported

with Cloud solution and In house solution


Customized and

Dynamic MIS reports with graphical views

Familiar Technology

Major module supported Account,

Finance, Purchase, Sales & Marketing,

Dispatch, HR & Payroll, Production,

Dealers, Import & Export, MIS Reports


More than 10 TB of Database

Management, 20K+ Users using system

Multiple industries

Multiple industries expertise like Ceramics,

Cement, Commodity, Pharmaceutical, Investment

Casting, Manufacturing, Retail & FMCG, Banking,

Telecommunication, Real Estate

  • Currently Handling of
    10,000+ GB Database

  • Total 5 Trillion / Year API
    Request We Are Handling

  • Total Strength
    Of Company Is  300+

  • Number Of Project
    Completion approx 600+

  • Have A 98%
    Project Completion

  • Our Developer Wrote
    25 Billion Line Of Code

  • Turn Over Through Customer
    Is 1 Billion USD

  • Constantly Providing
    18 X 7 X 365 Support

  • Handling Almost 5000
    Support Calls
    Per Day

  • 439 Happy Clients
    Repeat Ratio of 50%

  • serves In More
    25 Countries

  • 10 Million End

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