... Best value under $1,000. I live in the Pilbara, so there are no bike shops around here. At that price level, we’re looking for dropper posts, we’re looking for good tires, good drivetrains, and the best bang for your buck. It’s not the fastest bike in the race, but at just over a grand, it’ll leave some money in your pocket to join the party. You can order the bike setup for 29er or 27.5-plus wheels and will have to buy another wheelset and make minor adjustments to swap between the two. So, to recap, you should buy a Kona Unit if you want to ride your bike hard and not worry much about maintaining expensive components all the time. This post might contain affiliate links for which we may make a small commission at no extra cost to you should you make a purchase. Its Schwalbe Nobby Nic tires are classic for cross-country riders, and with a RockShox 30 Gold RL Solo Air front fork with 100-mm travel, this is a bike that’s meant to handle nimbly and go fast. And SRAM’s Level hydraulic brakes provide stopping power. September 17, 2020. The wider, higher-volume tires mean more traction control and similar dampening to a rear shock. You’ve checked your bank account, and you’ve done the math to figure out your price point. FOCUS e-bikes. And with online ordering, Diamondback will ship straight to your house. We’ll cut out the noise and show you the best options within the $1,000 to $2,000 range. Best mountain bikes under £2,000; Best downhill bikes; 1. When folded, Swagtron EB-8 will be 27”x39” in size, so it will fit into most cars. A Shimano Deore drivetrain and hydraulic disc brakes are less-expensive Shimano components, but they hold up even when the conditions get rough. Giant always serves up remarkable value, but the Fathom 1 packs next-level bang for low-level buck. The Pine Mountain’s steel frame and fork are paired with a 10-speed Shimano Deore drivetrain and Shimano MT-400 hydraulic disc brakes for unwavering reliability. Luckily, Giant also makes a 27.5-wheeled Fathom if you’re more of a “send it first, think about your life decisions later” type of person. But it’s so close, and it is carbon, so we had to tack it on. This bike is one of the few on the list that comes in under $1,000, but it doesn’t do so at the cost of decent components. The Fathom’s 29-inch wheels are powered by a 1×11 Shimano SLX drivetrain with an 11-46 cassette and slowed by Shimano MT-400 hydraulic brakes. Marin’s Pine Mountain is one such plus-size trail stomper. But the Chameleon really dialed the fit and all aspects of the bike to make it the ultimate do-it-all machine. Frame manufacturing requires expensive materials and extremely close tolerances. The 27.5-plus wheel size means that the 3-inch-wide tires might ride a bit slower but will get over nearly anything in their path. These allow you to swap between 29er wheels and 27.5-plus wheels. October 22, 2020. A 1×11 SRAM NX drivetrain is a solid choice on a bike with abuse clearly in its future, but it would be nice to see much stronger cranks and bottom bracket than this little three-piece Powerspline number, and slightly stronger brakes than the SRAM Levels. We’ve picked our favourites, some of which are £2000 on the nose and the rest will leave you with enough change for a helmet, knee pads or even a dropper seat post. FOCUS is a German bicycle manufacturer that specialises in e-bikes, racing bikes and mountain bikes. Commencal does spec 200-/180-millimeter rotors though, which should help with the steep descents this bike is begging to be ridden down. These bikes don’t break the $2,000 threshold, with the cheapest coming in at just under $1,500. Whether you hope to ride mountain trails or around town, on dirt or on gravel, there’s no... Liv Embolden 2: $1,530. Of the hundreds of products GearJunkie staff and contributors reviewed, these items stood out as some of the best. This one isn’t bad for the entry-level option. But there’s also a veritable plethora to choose from. The DV9 NX happens not to be. There’s a reason Santa Cruz has named this bike … You’re looking for the very best diamond-shaped shredder under $2,000. When looking at a mountain bike, components matter. Enter Cannondale’s Fat Caad 2, the rigid fat bike you’ve been waiting for. Of course, times have changed and Kona has changed with them, so the 2018 Cinder Cone model is all new and fully in this century. Tack on marketing budgets and ancillary expenses like warranties, and bike prices skyrocket pretty quickly. Review of the Diamondback Bicycles Release 3 full suspension mountain bikes If you’re looking for a bike for your little one or for your little lady, the Norco Fluid HT 2 might be a big win.norco.com. It also looks good and performs even better. The plus-size Fuse is also fully Boosted and upgrade worthy, but for an extra $50 over the Meta HT the Fuse comes stock with a Trans-X dropper. Whyte has never been afraid to follow the path less travelled. The 7 bikes we’ve picked are all great value. Diamondback is no longer the big-box brand of 20 years ago. Copyright © A360 Media LLC 2020. But we allowed it in on a technicality. It also comes tubeless-ready for a flat-free ride with a Giant XC-2 wheelset and Maxxis Ardent tubeless tires. One look at the Meta HT is all to takes to know what this hardtail is meant for. So with that in mind, we thought it's high time to look through the current crop of trail mountain bikes, and list what we deem are the best choices to be had for around AU$3,000.. The addition of 10mm more front and rear suspension bump this 29er up to 150mm of travel. Plus, it comes in five sizes so you can really tailor your riding experience. The rest of the build kit is very similar to both of its plus-size brethren, with a 1×11 drivetrain and hydraulic brakes—albeit from Shimano instead of SRAM. There’s also a base-level Honzo for $1,500 and a plus-size Big Honzo for $1,700. For bikepacking enthusiasts, the most exciting feature might simply be the fact that this bike is meant to be loaded down, with fender and rack mounts ready to go. Frame Material : Alloy; Gearing : SRAM SX Eagle, 1x12 Speed; Type : Hardtail; Find Out More. With a Rock Shox 120-mm fork in the front and an X-Fusion RL shock in the rear, you’re in for a cushy ride. You won’t find the cream of the crop for $2,000, but you can get a good, serviceable ride with solid components. Maintaining the Unit, on the other hand, essentially includes looking at it briefly, possibly drizzling on some chain lube and then putting it in the garage. We could stop there and the Fathom would still be a pretty okay value. Lucky for you, bikes in this price range have made giant leaps in fun factor, capability and reliability in the past couple years. But you retain the ability to lock out both in order to drop your enduro buddies on the climbs. All rights reserved. If you’re keeping count, this is the 11th bike we’ve covered here. There’s a staggering array of great mountain bikes available under £2,000. Spit in any direction inside a WalMart sporting goods department and you’ll hit a bike that comes with a suspension fork and costs a quarter the price of Marin’s fully rigid Pine Mountain. Kona is one of the oldest companies making mountain bikes in the U.S., and the Cinder Cone stands as an homage to one of its longest-standing models. There’s no comparing the Stache to the other bikes on this (or any) list. But it’s a different story if you’re looking for a mountain bike that’ll be nimble and light enough to literally climb mountains, stay together while bombing down singletrack, and brake on a dime (or root). With hardly more complexity than your common dinner fork, the Unit doesn’t have a lot to go wrong. And at sub-$1,000, it’s a great beginner-friendly price tag. The only downsides to the Fathom are that, as mentioned with the Marin, it has a funky rear hub spacing, and the geometry is fairly XC oriented. Some prefer the ability to shred in all seasons, and a fat bike might be exactly what they need. However, with the component spec of the DL build, there’s little reason to change much—the 1×11 drivetrain offers plenty of range for most riders, tubeless wheels and tires are a no-brainer and the rest of the build speaks to a long-lasting and reliable bike. Enter before February 8th for your chance to win. It’s not the borderline XC machine that the Giant Fathom is, though it wouldn’t be with its 27.5 x 2.8-inch WTB Ranger tires. Small manufacturing scale drives up prices on high-end rigs. Any suggestions? The Stache 5 floats on 29×3.0 Bontrager XR2 tubeless-ready tires paired with tubeless-ready rims, ready to be set up out of the box. The idea is to mitigate the unwieldy feel of such humongous hoops. Liv built this bike looking at three tenets of mountain biking: fit, form, and function. Thus we’ve included both types of bikes in this round-up of best mountain bikes under $2000, detailed here in alphabetical order. Diamondback offers the Catch 1 in men’s and women’s models — though only the touch points differ — and one size smaller is offered for women. They are innovatively designed to provide the best performances in various types of trails. By signing up you agree to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. The 26-inch Sun Ringle Mulefüt 80 SL wheelset comes tubeless-ready, so you can seat your Kenda Juggernaut tires for less stress about flatting. Yeti ARC. With 27.5-inch wheels, a single chainring in front, and 11 speeds in the rear, this hardtail is ready to play. You’re better off either going used or looking for a fully rigid rig shod with plus-size tires if $1,000 is the top of your budget. We wish it had the 148×12 rear-end spacing used on the higher-end Pine Mountain 2 instead of the strange 141×9 quick-release that pops up on bikes at lower price-points—like the Norco Fluid and Giant Fathom below—but you can’t be too choosy at this price.marinbikes.com. I will buy from anywhere and used is preffered as long as it is in good condition. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window) We’ll be honest here, this isn’t a list of budget bikes, at least not in the usual sense. The Growler 50 also comes with a Trans-X dropper, internally routed to boot. Best Full Carbon Road Bikes Under $2000. Best Beginner Mountain Bikes For Under $1000 In 2020 . The 5 Best Mountain Bikes Under $3,000. Twenty-nine-plus (29+) tires offer a ride that’s really like nothing else. Perhaps falling in between the Fuse and the Meta HT in terms of aggressiveness, the Growler is the “go anywhere, do anything” bike in this list. Marin does take a slightly different approach than Commencal, and really all of the other plus-size bikes listed so far, in that it combines progressive geometry with a shorter-travel fork and big tires to accomplish its goal. All of them have been chosen for the very best value, so most of them are very close to $2,000. We went out and scoured the market to find what we feel are the best full suspension mountain bikes under $2000. The majority of bikes under $2,000 fall on the cross-country and light trail end of the spectrum, but Commencal’s Meta TR is a seriously capable descender. Simply put, good mountain bikes are really expensive. Finding an inexpensive road bike or casual touring bike is relatively easy. With a slack 66.5-degree head angle, 150-millimeter fork up front, and 130 millimeters of rear cushioning, the bike plows through moderately rocky and steep terrain. First note: Women can ride any of the bikes on this list. Trek Domane AL 2; Orbea Avant; Salsa Warroad Carbon Apex 1 Bike; Cannondale Topstone Carbon 105 Bike – 2020; Cannondale 2020 Synapse Alloy 105 BBQ ; Felt FX Advanced GRX 600; Ridley Helium X; Kestrel Talona; Diamondback Century 4; Fuji Gran Fondo; Felt Advanced GRX 800; Nashbar Carbon; Schwinn Fastback Carbon; The downside to this amazing … Besides that, you get the same SRAM Level brakes and 200-/180-millimeter rotors on larger sizes, while the smaller sizes get 180-/160-millimeter rotors. You do get a reasonable 32×18-tooth gearing set-up and plus-size tires on the Unit to soften the blows, but anyone who’s ridden a single-speed rigid bike knows the experience is akin to a strongly worded argument at best, and an all-out war of attrition at worst. The tried and true SRAM NX 1×11 drivetrain, with a threaded bottom-bracket too, comes stock. While full-suspension may sound tempting, a solid hardtail 29er will handle most trails just as well — at least, until you get into more trail-riding/enduro-style shreds. To sweeten the deal, Ibis offers a lot of upgrade options for the Dv9—if you want more of an XC racer instead of a trail rig out of the box, you can spend an extra $400 and get a Fox Factory 32 Step-Cast, Ibis 933 wheels and skinnier, fast rolling tires. And the RockShox Judy TK Solo Air fork plus dropper post and wide handlebars mean it feels like a full-suspension without the maintenance. If you like the vibe of the Meta HT, there’s a higher spec’d version for $2,100 that comes with a 150-millimeter Lyrik and a dropper post for more of an all-mountain attitude. Whether you’re going up or down, its lightweight aluminum frame can corner like it’s on rails, stop on a dime, and make you feel confident on steep terrain. Canyon Dude CF 8.0. The bike isn’t the lightest option that Scott offers, of course, but the alloy frame’s geometry is based around that of the lighter carbon frames of the same family. November 22, 2020. Granted, you do pay a bit more than some of the other bikes on this list, but if you’re thinking of writing-off the Honzo in favor of a less-expensive rig, we’d recommend heading to your local Kona dealer to take a Honzo for a test ride. Not every mountain biker is concerned with low weight. The Best Mountain Bikes Under $5,000 High-dollar value. The glaringly orange in-your-face Roscoe 8 is a “trail hardtail,” which basically means it combines a hardtail frame with a 120-mm suspension fork and 27.5-plus tires. So, unlike its animal namesake, it will stand out in a crowd. It also offers the unique feature of being built around 26+ tires in its XS and small sizes. There are several brands making similar hardtail models. It’s somewhere in between, designed for versatility. At this point, we’re nearly rambling, but Giant also makes a more budget-friendly version of the Fathoms (both 29 and 27.5) with nearly the same component spec but at about $300 less.giant-bicycles.com. It will be used for mainly XC and a bit of AM. Even though it’s been years since its inception, the Honzo holds its own against pretty much any new hardtail out there, and even some full-suspension rigs. If it weren’t for the paint job, dropper post and lack of skin wall tires, it’d be easy to mistake the San Quentin for the Commencal Meta HT. And more importantly, those forks are generally crap. Well, we really can’t find any. You may unsubscribe at any time. But add in Giant’s reliable dropper post and you’ve got a complement of parts that’s nearly unheard of at this asking price. We asked five pros how they made it work and what it takes to make a living in the outdoor industry "in real life.". A 160-millimeter RockShox Yari holds up the front end and the head angle is a slack 65 degrees. A high-quality mountain bike with basic components will quickly hit the $3,000 range, and top-end builds push $8,000 or more. NordicTrack wants to give you $7,500 toward your dream adventure. The 120-millimeter Rockshox Recon RL and more conservative geometry speak to a more trail-riding nature for the Fuse, but the burly 3-inch Specialized Purgatory tires surely have plenty of float and traction for getting through the rough stuff. But there’s also a veritable plethora to choose from. Want to have fun on a bike that handles nimbly, provides serious traction control, and can’t help but stand out in a crowd? That, combined with wider tires, means even more traction on tough obstacles or loose trails. And at under 30 pounds, it’s surprisingly light for a bike with such hefty ambitions — from singletrack to bikepack. Let’s take a look at 10 of the best mountain bikes under $2,000 today. While the color scheme is certainly a bit more feminine than comparable men’s or unisex models, the bike isn’t pink-and-shrink-ed. With time, it could easily become a bike you’ll want to hang onto even if you eventually upgrade to a beefier full-suspension bike. Posted: March 09, 2020 | Categories: Cycling Advice | Tags: mountain ... Best Electric Bike for Every City in Australia . The original model dates back to when steel frames and 26-inch wheels were standard. The front suspension offers the standard 120 mm of travel, plus a lockout for those road sections or climbs. The Shimano MT200 brakes might be a little underpowered for all that traction, but the rest of the spec is good to go, including the Deore drivetrain and Bontrager dropper. The reasons to buy a Kona Unit form a bit of a paradox. Still, there are some great finds for under $2,000. It also floats on a 120-millimeter Manitou Machete 32 Comp fork. The brand selected a combination of Shimano and SRAM components for maximum efficiency and toughness. What’s the magic dollar amount for scoring a legit new mountain bike? When you're looking for something right in between, The follow-up to the most underrated bike of 2018, Subscribe to our free newsletter and stay up-to-date with the latest from Consider this a short-list of the bikes we'd put our own money on (in no particular order). Here’s a list of the bikes available from eTourer: eTourer F1, eTourer F2, eTourer C1, eTourer S1 and the eTourer M1. By signing up, you agree to receive emails from GearJunkie and Helux. The gray with green accents is far from a “girly” style, standing out in a sea of black and purple frames typical in the women’s field. Those big tires add cushion and give you more traction, which means less falling. Photo Credit : Santa Cruz. How low can you go — and what can you get — when searching for the best budget mountain bike under $2,000? Spit inside a bike shop, and you might even hit a front-suspended offering from a trustworthy brand like Specialized or Trek for as low as $500. The bike also includes a carbon fibre frame measuring 27.5 inches, which makes it great for the rider that wants something lightweight and transportable. But you can get a capable hardtail or even full suspension without selling a kidney. Rather, most of the best buys are hardtails (though we found a couple of full-suspension options). At this price level, a carbon fiber frame is a strong possibility—especially if you’re interested in a hardtail. Thank you for signing up. Nor is it the unruly monster that the Marin San Quentin or Commencal Meta HT are, but that also wouldn’t do either given that it’s got a 9×141-millimeter rear axle with a traditional QR skewer. For the adventuring cyclist who’s hoping to add a touring (or bikepacking) element to their adventures, REI’s in-house bike brand, Co-op Cycles, has the hardtail DRT 1.3. The Shimano Deore provides smooth shifting, while Shimano BR-M315 provides stopping power in the form of hydraulic brakes. Hold on, that sounds like what most riders want … . You’re locked and loaded and ready to buy the hardtail of your dreams. We’re getting close to the middle of the pack here, but the Fluid looks ready to pull ahead. If you’re buying new, around $3,000 goes a long way. The best mountain bikes under $3,000. Mountain bikes for $2,000 – A good quality trail bike, carbon. And a near perfect one for some trail-oriented bikepacking. Just as most of the best electric mountain bikes under 2000 dollars, Swagtron EB-8 folds in half. I am leaning towards a full suspension but would go for a HT if it had more bike for my money. The Unit has sliding dropouts too, so chain tension shouldn’t be an issue ever. Recently, the company has been putting out some fantastic bikes at a great value. Yakima Car Racks Everything You Need To Know . Best bike for under $2000 I am just starting to look for a new bike. Lucky for you, bikes in this price range have made giant leaps in fun factor, capability and reliability in the past couple years. Enter one of the most classic mountain bikes of the last decade, the Specialized Rockhopper. Find out what makes a good endurance bike with added comfort features and the perfect geometry for you. If we had $4,000 to spend on a trail bike, here are the mountain bikes that would make our short list: Canyon Spectral CF 8.0. And a Fox 34 Rhythm holds up the front end with the high performance, but low cost, GRIP damper. Fatbike-like traction meets trail-bike-like handling. The geometry is decidedly centrist, though. Yeti’s anniversary edition ARC. Disc brakes and shifters are under much greater load on trails than on the road, and wheelsets are even more important. If that’s not enough, the stock stem has the word “FREERIDE” in the name—and yes it is in all caps. For women looking to get seriously rad on singletrack, the Liv Embolden 2 full-suspension trail bike with 27.5-inch wheels is ready for action. Even the 2.8-inch WTB Ranger tires are right in between the 2.6-inch Flow Snaps on the Meta HT and the 3.0 Purgatorys on the Fuse. But if you prefer supporting a women-specific bike brand or want the saddle and certain geometries (like handlebar width and top tube length) tailored more toward female body types, brands like Liv do great work.