Education ERP Software

The best Education ERP you need for totally automating & digitalize your entire campus. Infinity Infoway Pvt. Ltd. education ERP recognizes good e-governance through efficient system and transparency. ERP is easiest to use, fastest to implement with the best results. Education ERP has a product that makes the complete digital E-Education System. As school, college and universities must do more with less in this below modules.

Education ERP Software
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Infinity's Education ERP is specifically designed and intended to cover the in-depth functionality of educational institutions such as school, colleges, university and training institutes, that helps this institute to automate several tasks minimizing manpower.

Apart from functionalities, we have also kept user roles in mind, which includes students, teachers, technical staff, non-technical staff, managerial staff, parents, alumni, etc. Using this data role anytime, from ERP System has been implemented.

So if any user or admin requires extracting old data from any modules such as admission, student, HR & Payroll, file tracking, etc. can easily extract or regenerate as it is, it was in the past.

Infinity's Education, ERP Software helps educational institutions with module updates needed as per their requirement on a regular basis with new and updated features for their institutes.

What is Education ERP?

Education, ERP, in corporate terms also known as the education enterprise resource planning that comprises or single source information system for all departments across an organization. Education, ERP is a single database system that makes information and communication easy across various departments of an organization.

The major objective of education ERP is designed to interact with specific modules designed to communicate with other modules of the institute. Infinity's education ERP has covered in-depth functionalities or school, college and university that help reduce the costs of redundancy by increasing efficiency and productivity through out organization.

Why do you need Education ERP Software?

Education ERP Software helps educational institutes, like school, colleges, and university, with some common issues faced by their staff. Following are common issues face by educational institutes,

  • Extracting student, faculty or admin data from paper records
  • Difficulty in information exchange between different departments of educational institutions
  • Up-to-date and error-free record maintenance or student and staff becomes difficult
  • Inaccuracy in financial records such as salary, fees, and expenses of institute
  • Salary calculation becomes difficult task
  • Old records can not be accessed easily and quickly
  • Much time spent on time-table scheduling and management or proxies

This is some real-time issues that all institutions have to do, and that they need all the modules of an institute and that can be termed as university management software, college management software, school management software .

Benefits of Cloud ERP Software

  • Improves access to information
  • Complete automated operations
  • Data and information security
  • Increase productivity and efficiency in organization
  • Systematic workflow management across organization
  • Less investment in human resources and other different software
  • Reduced dependency or person in institutions
  • Centralized data repository
  • Easy interaction with parents and teachers
  • Easy information sharing with parents

Modules of Education ERP

  • Admission Module
  • Central Digital Evaluation System
  • Certificate Automation (Paperless) Module
  • College Affiliation System
  • Electoral Management System
  • Exam Module
  • External Course Management
  • Faculty Management Module
  • File Tracking System
  • HR and Payroll Management
  • Meeting Management
  • Online / Offline Medical Counselling System
  • Online Feedback Module
  • Payment Gateway Module
  • Secure Question Paper Delivery system (SQPDS)
  • Digital OMR Scanning & Result Generation System
  • Student Module
  • Visitor's Module

Features of Education ERP Software Solutions

  • Fee Collection
  • Student Enrolment
  • Barcode Management
  • Attendance Management
  • Admission Management (Round Wise)
  • Alumni Registration and Management
  • Assignment Management with Rechecking
  • Certificates Generation (Transcript, Character, Transfer)

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