Hollywood And Me

Hollywoodandme.com is a site to help all talents, cast, crew and executives as well as businesses that relate to the entertainment industry to connect with other serious professionals. We have prepared their website.

Project Details

Built For Desktop
Technology Technology
PHP 5.1, MySQL, Jquery

Website Screens at a glance

Key Features

  • Actor, Director, Producer type of role available
  • Actors can add their biography
  • Actors can upload their short film, advertisement video, photograph portfolio and many mores
  • Director and producer can contact actors for work
  • HTML is managed by HTML5 and CSS3 as well easy and intuitive layout
  • Digital marketing like pay per click google adsense
  • Currently Handling of
    1000s TB Big Data

  • Total 5 Trillion / Year API
    Request We Are Handling

  • Total Strength
    Of Company Is  300+

  • Number Of Project
    Completion approx 600+

  • Have A 98%
    Project Completion

  • Our Developer Wrote
    25 Billion Line Of Code

  • Turn Over Through Customer
    Is 1 Billion USD

  • Constantly Providing
    18 X 7 X 365 Support

  • Handling Almost 5000
    Support Calls
    Per Day

  • 439 Happy Clients
    Repeat Ratio of 50%

  • serves In More
    25 Countries

  • 10 Million End

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